Engagement Session


{Engagement Session} at Mt. Philo State Park

Maria & Justin

One of my biggest concerns when I moved here from Florida, was the weather. How it would impact my business, as  I photograph mainly on location, and still don’t have a studio. Although I’ve been lucky with mother nature, in this particular day I had that feeling of nostalgia, having all types of weather (except snow) in less than one hour (exactly like back home in Petropolis, Brazil). I was starting to feel disappointed until I saw the rainbow. It wasn’t a full, brilliant one, but was a rainbow! Is that luck? I don’t know. I think it’s more a state of mind. I’m a very positive thinking person, and I believe one has to be grateful for what they have, and make it work in their advantage. That is how I try to live life in all levels. I love how the images came out. Mostly of corse, the rainbow one 😉  Enjoy!